About Tanya Tenica

How it all started...

A business will challenge all that you are and your beliefs, yet you choose to become. Call Tanya Tenica crazy, but this is what has kept her going as a business-performance mentor who midwives and activates entrepreneurs and ministry leaders for over 20 years strong. She has used all she has learned in business and life to mentor those just as hungry as her to learn, do, and teach with an intention to transform the marketplace.

As an international best-selling author, Voted top 30 coaches to look out for in 2022 in the NYC Journal, speaker, TV host, and with her hybrid mentorship academy (School of Activation), she strives to eliminate stress and cookie cutters to empower all in her presence to walk in their most authentic self.

She has an insatiable hunger to continue self-development, spend time with her family, and make self-care a priority so she can show up as her best self every day and encourage others to do the same. 

The Midwife

Midwife ( analogy with the Latin obstetrix, from obsto, obstiti, to stand before : To assist in childbirth .)

To have someone that can stand and assist in birthing the assignment you have with pure intentions is rarely found today.  Tanya Tenica desires to change that. To be a part of the restoration of the 5-fold in all spheres of influence.  To walk along side business and ministry leaders as they build and reach nations.


As an activator Tanya Tenica has a Jerimiah 1 anointing to uproot, pulldown, and plant.   With her life experiences she ensures that 5-fold leaders lead authentically and promotes mental health to better impact those they are called to.

Activate Definition:
(1): to set up or formally institute (an organized group, such as a military unit) with the necessary personnel and equipment (2): to put (an individual or unit) on active duty

Tanya Tenica has a unique ability to help ministry leaders carry the call and stay consistent in creating an everlasting impact. While creating systems and a unique blueprint to build the deeps of what you will find rests in her foundation and belief that LOVE 1 Corinthians 13 way is the true key. 

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