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Charlene Helm

You guys!!! Tanya Tenica is THE REAL DEAL! Jump on this before she makes it paid because - No Joke- she 💥 crushes 💥 mental barriers you have no idea you had and has an INCREDIBLE anointing to speak into your calling and activate your life calling in profound ways!

My jaw hit the floor, utterly speechless with how she spoke into my life personally with such crystal-clear clarity in ways I had been praying for privately, and she did the same with my business. 


Tanya's messaging is powerful. She is extremely professional and a joy to work with. She makes things that seem complicated look so straightforward. Thank you, Tanya, for always being generous with your time and knowledge.


"I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Tanya for her coaching talent. She has an uncanny knack for zeroing in on exactly what a person has to do, and she breaks it down into easy-to-manage steps. It is so easy to get overwhelmed. Using a coach allows an objective perspective to sort through the challenges and guide your efforts. It didn't take Tanya long to clarify what I needed to do, help give me a timeline to do it, as well as steps and accountability.

I highly recommend her!!!"

Joshua Zawadi

Owner, Melanated Daddy | Dad Doula 
Apostle Tanya is honestly one that is anointed not only in ministry but in her aptitude for business concepts for new and scaling business owners. She has personally spoken life into me and my business and now I’m prepared for the next step in my business maturation as I change my outlook do to her knowledge and care for her participants. If looking for business guidance, spiritual guidance or just sharpening in general I highly recommend her.

Hey Truthpreneur,

I am a woman that decided I was going to BECOME.  I made a choice to put aside all of my excuses and face ME. I took intentional action, learned what it meant to partner with God in all things, and took full ownership of who I was and wasn’t. That’s when life and business changed forever. Here I am now to encourage, unite, and equip those ready to take the same leap.

As a multi passionate person I was stuck behind what was the status quo. To focus on one thing and BUT HOW do you do that without denying who you are? I broke free and learned to build authentically and express all parts of me. Did I also mention that what I thought, and the world said, were things I needed to change were actually my superpowers? It was what was needed in order for me to answer the call and walk out my assignments in this life.
When you work with me you will find that I am anointed to
  • Activate your authenticity
  • Help you understand how to carry your call
  • Lead (and teach) in the most effective way

It's time to increase your territory through simplicity and streamlining that works for you.
Throw away the cookie cutters.

Latest Teaching

I focus on teaching in a way that activates and can practically be applied. Understanding that we as 5-fold leaders, according to Ephesians 4, in the form of entrepreneurs, ministry, and church leaders are responsible for the equipping, encouraging, and uniting of believers my anointing lays in 3 areas which help you increase your territory.

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