Activate Your
Builders anointing

Simplify and Streamline Your Business or Ministry To Scale Through Biblical Principles

Hey Legacy Changer,

I am a woman that decided I was going to BECOME. I made a choice to put aside all of my excuses and face ME. I took intentional action, learned what it meant to partner with God in all things, and took full ownership of who I was and wasn’t. That’s when life and business changed forever. Here I am now to encourage, unite, and equip those ready to take the same leap. 

As a multi passionate person I was stuck behind what was the status quo. To focus on one thing and BUT HOW? I broke free and learned to build authentically and express all parts of me. 


My assignment in the marketplace is to help you increase your territory through through simplicity and streamlining. Those ready to take action and step out of their comfort zone are ones that transform. Are you one of those people? If so, enroll now into the Marketplace Certification Program and get READY to get CLEAR and become PRODUCTIVE so you can take the action.


Your Business Midwife & Activator

Tanya Tenica

tanya tenica